Vidas is the heart and the soul of the team. Cinema art is his life, passion and his religion.

Vidas is a university trained Screenplay Writer and Film Director. His education and practical knowledge were gained from the outstanding European directors of theatre and cinema arts.

Vidas feels blessed both by being a student of legendary Theatre Director Juozas Miltinis in his native Lithuania; and by studying at the Director's Lab of an acclaimed Russian Film Director Vladimir Naumov at the Moscow International University of Cinema (VGIK).

Vidas deeply cherishes every lesson he learned from both of his teachers.

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Screenwriter / Film Director


Vidas' Thoughts Behind the Screenplay Writing and Filmmaking   

Each and every film or a screenplay I work on becomes a large part of myself. I would even say it becomes me. It is a highly sincere, confession-alike process, the flow of thoughts which are coming out of the depth of my inner being. It feels as if I am overmastered by a supernatural power which is much stronger than me and I am just a link, a channel meant to communicate a message. This feeling can be associated only with a meditative state or even a trance.

I have been always interested in a spirit more than the matter and drawn to the characters, who understand that our human life is given for the reason to perfect our spiritual nature and to resist evil both within us and surrounding us. I have been asking myself: "What is a human being and where is he going?"

I strongly believe that we, humans, are the divine creatures who have forgotten our divine nature. This is the message I want to convey through our script stories and the characters. It has become our goal and our modest mission to remind the audience of their true nature and the main meaning of re-incarnating again and again on the planet Earth. We are here to grow into who we truly are; to spread our wings and become free to fly; to help others to awaken spiritually and strive for enlightenment.

As an artistic mean, we have chosen to tell the real-life stories mixed with the language of symbols and metaphors. We can talk a lot about the characters and the depth of the story; analyze the symbols but the metaphor itself is an entity. Everything surounding us is a metaphor...

Both our films and the scripts are always balancing on the edge between a mystery and the true life. We believe that this is an artistic language that creates the moments of silence in the audience after the last frame of the film and the stories that live within us for a long time hereafter.


“If vicious people are united and constitute a power, then honest folk must do the same.” Lev Tolstoy


Vidas Rasinskas