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Requiem for the Dead Forest

Requiem for the Dead Forest is a 38-minute-long film-metaphor representing the art-house auteur cinema. The film is about people becoming the victims of their own actions; a sense of guilt; responsibility to each other and the surrounding environment.

The protagonists of the film are two women representing their own cultural origins in the North American setting. By invoking a unique artistic language the story tells about their past, present and future. The American Indian Woman is seeking for the answers to her enduring and disturbing questions by following step-by-step the White Woman who does not understand the reason she has been chased ... until she discovers a new way of looking at things.


Cast: Dalia Klimaite-Stolpner, Keneesh-Brenda Pierre

Writer / Director: Vidas Rasinskas

DOP: Rasa Noreika, Rolandas Slezas

Art Director: Rasa Noreika

Music: Gabriel Faure, Cris Mitchell

Editing & Sound: Rasa Noreika, Vidas Rasinskas Producers: Vidas Rasinskas, Rasa Noreika

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