Staircase Lead to the World of Metaphors, Virginija Januseviciene, Lithuania
Love is More Important than Politics, Daiva Simkute, Lithuania... translation
The Owl Appears in Nida, Skirmantas Valiulis, Lithuania
Wooden Staircase to the Past, Ruta Melinaite, Lithuania... translation
Stupeni, Astrida Baranovskaya, Russia... translation
Die holzerne Treppe, Piotr Niemiec, Germany

The film was presented to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the nomination of an Oscar.

Wooden Staircase

Wooden Staircase (56 min.) is a poetic drama of time and fate; a metaphor, leading to the introspection. Through fate and time two young people, Vilius and Monica, are seeking for the mutual understanding and harmony.

A mystical man, Thomas, an embodiment of the writer Thomas Mann's spirit, is empowered to send Vilius to his past and let him live through the consequences of his painful mistakes that he had done. The rendezvous with the past of his life has a large impact on Vilius' present.


Cast: Evaldas Jaras, Gabrielle Odinis, Virginija Kelmelyte, Dalia Melenaite, Vaclovas Bledis

Writer / Director: Vidas Rasinskas
DOP: Jonas Tamosevicius

Art Director: Galius Klicius

Music: Gustav Mahler, Faustas Latenas
Sound: Romualdas Fedaravicius

Producer: Vidas Rasinskas